5 Apps for Education that Anne likes and how she uses them

  1. I like the HMH Fuse Geometry, Common Core Edition app to teach basic geometry concepts.  Houghton Mifflin’s Algebra app had success in raising student proficiency in pilot programs in California.   I would use it as a supplement, when a student needs help with a concept that he cannot grasp.   I would also use it when a student is learning more advanced concepts and shows that he has some learning gaps in the area of basic skills, such as constructing proofs.
  2. For Biology instruction, I would supplement in class work with Virtual Cell Animation, by VCell Productions.  Seeing the creation of proteins actively occurring within the cell gives the student a much clearer conception of the elements of a cell by showing them in action.  The student gains a completely different view of a cell by seeing it work than by cataloging its parts.
  3. For Social Studies, I like the  iAmerica app from USAInteractive because it is comprehensive and interactive.
  4. Andrew Garrison’s SimplePhysics has a nice design feature which includes an element of Project Learning to it.
  5. For Geography instruction, QR-GPS Plugin, an Android app that works with QR Droid, can be combined with GPS Essentials and Google Earth, to plot geographical locations and trails, and to create scavenger hunts.  It could also be used to create puzzles.

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