Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is a trail created by one’s interactions in the digital universe.  These interactions can include TV usage, using the internet, mobile phone, and Ipad .  This information is an aid in targeted marketing and personalization of services.

In social media, one’s digital footprint can refer to the size of one’s Web presence.

An individual’s digital footprint can be composed from many sources.  Some of these include Content which can be content created or content that is consumed.  Over 700 pieces of information are gathered for each entity using digital devices each day.  This information is sold to companies and used for commercial purposes.  The companies that use this information tailor the new information that one receives to match one’s  previous web usage.


Using a Blog in the Classroom

Using blogs in the classroom focuses the learning on Real Problems and creates 2 way learning, with an emphasis on student participation.  Learners who have a 1 way orientation may have problems initially.


Frank Calberg points out that blogs are an example of “asynchronous media”, or forms of communication that give the learner time to reflect, unlike “synchronous” forms like Chat.  He also points out that blogs keep the student actively involved throughout the class period.


Learning by using blogs is well suited to the self driven learner, who takes initiatives, sets his own goals, and has a strong desire to learn.

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